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Chat with Dziadek11 - Clairvoyance and Crystal Reading in Piracicaba online. 25-30 years of practice in Crystal Reading. HELLO!!!! The story of my life has been filled with abundance. As young lad I spent a lot of time on my Uncle John's farm. You learn much more than long hours and hard work. Suffice it to sat that became the foundation upon which the broad spectrum of reality entered. In an Honors Program as an Undergraduate I earned Majors in English, Biology Astronomy and Geology. From there I began a stint as a Teaching Fellow at Boston University. While still a youth I became an avid "ROCK HOUND". This introduced to the start of extensive knowledge of Crystals, Mining for rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, garnet and others expanded that base .Ran a "Rock Shop" for years with many New Age type customers. I have been a mentor and counselor formally and informally since my early 20's. When I met Contessa Starella,one of the Premiere Members of the ORANUM Spiritual Community, there was an immediate connection on a elevated level. She has insisted that Oranum was a great match for my talents. When one has reached the point in life that I have, what you do, how you do it, and with whom becomes the utmost pinnacle of your existence. The ability to reach out and help others is a privilege not to be taken lightly, the responsibility and the affect one can generate is almost sacred. My feeling is that I bring an unique face to Oranum and my integrity will speak for itself. In ancient times I would have been called a "THAUMATURGE", from Greek and Latin meaning "WONDER WORKER" Today some synonyms are Shaman, Warlock, Magus, Seer, ,Prophet, Clairvoyant, Diviner, and Augerer Please come see me and let us find respite for you.

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